About Our Lead Photographer

Christine Shepard is an international award-winning photographer who is passionate about illuminating the beauty of our world through visual media. From photographing great hammerhead sharks at night during remote marine expeditions to directing video shoots for multi-million-dollar luxury real estate, Christine's diverse visual communication skills, vibrantly optimistic attitude and creative vision make her a sought after professional. She consistently delivers top-quality, unique, and polished imagery with fast and professional post-processing turnaround. 

Originally from Southern California, Christine moved out to Miami, Florida for college, graduating summa cum laude with a dual degree in Ecosystem Science and Policy, as well as Electronic Media. Upon graduation, she served as the Media and Virtual Learning Manager for the University of Miami’s Shark Research Lab. During her four years with the Lab, she shared cutting-edge scientific research with the public through visually engaging multimedia packages. Her work has been internationally published including several journal cover images, photo stories and interviews for National Geographic MagazinePopular ScienceThe Washington Post, Professional Photographer Magazine, and Scientific American, and personal spotlight stories on the Discovery Channel and Oprah’s O Magazine. To learn more, visit: http://www.christineshepard.com/. 

The Coral Cove Difference

By choosing to hire Coral Cove Imagery, you are choosing excellence, creativity, professionalism, kindness and aloha spirit. We love working with business owners, advertising agencies, architects, realtors, and other members of our community to bring your vision to life through world-class imagery. We bring diverse skill sets, experience and gear to every project, ensuring a unique and polished final product. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty or our toes wet (in fact, that's part of the adventure we love) in order to get the shot and achieve your business marketing goals. 

1. DEDICATED TEAM: Professionally trained, award-winning, creative team. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, unparalleled work ethic, and attention to detail. It's all about exceptional service with a smile :)

2. ATTENTION-DEMANDING, HIGH-IMPACT IMAGERY: We utilize the latest lighting and editing techniques so that our imagery radiates a sense of elegance, tropical vibrance, and the warm Aloha spirit.  

3. AERIAL PERSPECTIVES: What better way to make your business or property stand out from the rest than by including unique perspectives. It shows off our rugged, beautiful landscape at its best! And rest assured that team is FAA-Certified as Remote Pilots to provide professional aerial drone services. 

4. TOP-GRADE, PROFESSIONAL GEAR: We've carefully selected our gear to be as hard-working as we are. Camera, lighting, and editing equipment includes multiple Nikon full-frame cameras, premium Nikon lenses, sliders, motion timelapse device, Glidecam Stabilization System, Nauticam underwater housing with 12" dome port, DJI Phantom 3 Drone, studio flashes, light modifiers, latest Apple desktop and laptop computers with high resolution Retina displays, Drobo RAID data storage system, and the latest Adobe Creative Suite software. 

5. BUSINESS INSURANCE: Coral Cove Imagery LLC is covered with General Liability Insurance up to $1,000,000 per occurrence and Aerial Drone Insurance up to $2,000,000 per occurrence. Higher coverage available upon request. 

6. RAPID TURNAROUND: Timely, reliable online file delivery. 



"I needed a first class creative company to create a high end, five star website and video for a multimillion dollar property that I was getting ready to market. After an immediate reply from Coral Cove, we went to work and after multiple client initiated revisions and a huge amount of patience on the part of Coral Cove, we had both products up and online in a very short amount of time. The products are amazing and the property went into escrow in 9 days. I would highly recommend Coral Coves services and team."

- Adam Atwood, R(S)

"We hired Coral Cove Imagery to develop a company logo, perform a laboratory photo shoot, build a website and produce a brochure. The team was completely professional. They were easy to work with and provided excellent responsiveness on a short timeline. Coral Cove imagery understood our needs and adapted the work appropriately. Their professionalism and talent created excellent marketing products that I am proud to have representing my company."

- Valerie Harmon, President Harmon Consulting, Inc.


I have worked with Coral Cove imagery on several occasions for high end photography and videography. Christine is a true professional in every sense and has an exceptional eye for detail and composition.  Every shot is carefully planned out, staged, and orchestrated to perfection. Christine and her team are always, punctual, prepared with the highest quality equipment, considerate, and efficient to produce stunning work. Coral Cove imagery has also done several video projects for me all of which has turned out to be Oscar-worthy! On top of all of this the team is absolutely delight to work with and wonderful people that will brighten your day. I would highly recommend Coral Cove imagery for any and all of your creative needs. Can’t thank you enough. Mahalo!

- Karen Ferrara, MBA R(S)

Christine Shepard's work is of the highest caliber. For three years we have been looking for good photographs of volunteers working at a nature preserve we manage, and several photographers tried and failed, even some very good portrait and landscape photographers. They just couldn't put the two things together. A beautiful place with beautiful people working hard. When I saw Christine's images, I immediately got excited, and as I clicked from one to the next, my excitement grew. She even got a beautiful drone image of our fishpond, a nearby beach, and the Pacific Ocean that I want to put on my wall. She was able to capture the spirit of joy in the faces of our volunteers and I could see their personalities in the images she captured. She came back to get more images in different light just to make sure we were satisfied, but we were already blown away. If you have a chance to work with Christine, don't pass it up. You will love her work - it is prompt, professional, and pleasing to the eye.

- Chad Wiggins, The Nature Conservancy Hawaii


"Artistic, technically-proficient, hard working, with a strong desire to please. Christine and Sam captured stunning shots of the Ala Kahakai Trail that will be used in an upcoming NPS film. Coral Cove Imagery are talented people who deliver the beauty of Hawaii - above the ground and below the sea."

- Chris Wheeler, Great Divide Pictures

"Coral Cove Imagery was awesome to work with throughout the whole process. They were very professional, and it was obvious they were experienced and really knew what they were doing. The video they created for was amazingly awesome with high production value! Stoked!"

- Thatcher Moats, University of Hawaii


"Loved working with Christine and Sam on our recent commercial video! They are professional, prompt, easy to work with, flexible, friendly and were very accommodating to all of our needs. The video turned out beautifully and I would use them again in a heartbeat. Mahalo!"

- Kerstin Busse, Courtyard King Kamehameha's Kona Beach Hotel


Very professional! I'm a business owner in Kona and recently opened a new store near Costco. I'm very happy with and proud of how well the store turned out. I wanted to show it off! Coral Cove went above and beyond to capture the aesthetic and energy of the new location. Great care and patience is evident in the finished product and they've helped me with various favors and support since. They are the best! Mahalo for everything!

- Sterling Leatherman, Kona Wine Market


"I am a realtor in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii and have been fortunate to have Coral Cove Imagery take my real estate photos. They arrive complete with props for the photo shoot including orchid plants and accessories needed to complete each shot. Then they spend hours editing to remove any imperfections to finish each photo. I am extremely happy with their work and the high quality of their photography."

- Frank Schenk, R(S)