We create vibrant, high-impact photography and video

from the air, land, and sea.



At Coral Cove Imagery, we strive for excellence, creativity, professionalism, kindness and authentic spirit. We love working with business owners, advertising agencies, architects, realtors, and other members of our community to bring your vision to life through world-class imagery. To each project, we bring diverse skill sets, experience and top-of-the-line gear, ensuring a unique and polished final product. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty (in fact, that's part of the adventure we love) in order to get the shot and achieve your business marketing goals.



Luxury Real Estate Photography

Show your property in its most sophisticated light by booking a premium full-day photoshoot. Our photographers carefully plan, stage and light each scene for maximum impact. Every image undergoes detailed editing to composite the best lighting and also remove any unsightly blemishes or distractions.

The difference between listed and sold.

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Video Production

Sometimes there is more to the story than simply still photography can communicate to your customers. With our diverse expertise and specialized audio, video and lighting gear, we can help you craft the perfect promotional video, TV commercial, property video tour or even product demonstration video. 

Share your story with the world.

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Commercial Photography

Advertise for your business with effective, engaging and professional photography. Allow us to create custom images to best represent your products, services, and retail locations. Whether you're a top ad agency or a new startup, we would love to work with you. 

When you won't settle for less than amazing. 

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Aerial Photography

Hire one of our FAA-certified aerial drone pilots to capture a stunning bird's eye view of your property or business. We are not only technically trained, but also creatively skilled, resulting in vibrant, elegant and effective aerial imaging. 

Rise above your competition. 

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"Christine is a true professional in every sense and has an exceptional eye for detail and composition.  Every shot is carefully planned out, staged, and orchestrated to perfection."

- Karen Ferrara, MBA, R(S)


"Artistic, technically-proficient, hard working, with a strong desire to please.  They are talented people who deliver the beauty of Hawaii - above the ground and below the sea."

- Chris Wheeler, Great Divide Pictures